Stuff is happening…just slowly

Lamp progress is happening, just pretty slowly. I had a week vacation in New England that stalled progress a bit, and then we had a group of classes that occupied table space.

We’ve also prepped the mold/building form, so that’s ready to go when the glass is ready.

Mold as it comes

When you buy an Odyssey lamp kit, you get a pattern, an instruction booklet and a building form. The form gives the lamp shape. As it comes, it’s all white with carved lines that represent where the pieces go. You have to apply something, like grout or paint, to make the lines appear. At least it will be easier to put the puzzle together when you know where the pieces go.

Add some paint...

Add some paint…

We took some dark acrylic paint on a paper towel and smeared it all over the form to reveal the pattern.

Mold 3

Magic! Now the pattern shows itself clearly. Just waiting on that glass now…


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