What to do with scraps?

Here’s the dilemma that we all face with any glass project is what to do with the scraps! As i discussed a few weeks ago, the glass I used for the lamp was not cheap, and it was beautiful, and I ended up with quite a large amount of scraps, mostly green and purple/blue. I knew I wanted to use these scraps as i was cutting the pieces for the lamp, so I saved all the pieces in separate bins to make my future life easier.

Pre-sorted! That's the best kind of scrap!

Pre-sorted: that’s the best kind of scrap!

For me, one of the best and most fun ways to deal with scraps is to make a mosaic! You can mosaic onto anything as long as it stands still long enough and doesn’t dissolve under water (it will get wet during the grouting process). I got some unfinished wooden plaque things at Michael’s (or at any craft store) and went to town.

Unfinished wood things are great canvases for mosaics.

Unfinished wood things are great canvases for mosaics.

Luckily for me, my glass was mostly opaque, so I didn’t need to paint the wood or anything underneath. If I had had a lot of transparent scraps, I would have glued onto a glass something, like a window, flower vase, or a piece of glass with a zinc frame around it (that’s what we use in our mosaic class). Really, anything that stands still long enough is fine and/or great. Or, I could have painted the wood white or another color (or even a design) that would have shown through the glass. A very cool trick, but not needed for this project.

Also, luckily for me, I live in South Carolina, a wacky state that might have problems, but it also has the BEST state symbol in the country: the palmetto and crescent moon. Not only am I lucky because this is a beautiful image, but it’s easy to do in mosaics and it happens to be green with a dark purple/blue background! I mean, could it get any more perfect?!

Start with the tree and then fill in the background.

Start with the tree and then fill in the background.

For the tree I started with a trunk (from another scrap pile) and then added the branches. With all the lily pads I cut there were plenty of pieces that were kind of rounded and palmetto-looking. Then I cut some really small pieces to make the leaves and filled it in. I will grout it in the next couple of days and be done. So remember, be on the lookout for potential mosaic projects at your local craft sore, thrift shop, yard sale, trash pile or anywhere else you might frequent.

Too bad I didn’t even make a dent in my scraps…


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